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Hello and welcome to my website Chloe London Photography

London photographer

From nurse care to photography

I’m Chloe ! I grew up and studied in a small town in the west of France. I have always loved  caring for others, which is why I firstly became a nurse.
After three years of going through hospital and non-hospital services, I realized that something missed me every day. I loved the contact I had with the patients, however I was not fully fulfilled in my work. So I decided to give up my little town in France and my job as a nurse.
It was when I arrived in London that I decided to embark on the field that has always fascinated me : photography.

From Maternity nurse to Children’s photographer

My experience as a Maternity Nurse allows me to better understand the needs of parents every day. Indeed, having been in daily contact with many families, I understand the importance of respecting baby’s rhythm. This allows me to adapt my baby photoshoots according to their age and their needs.
I am aware that your little ones are changing at an incredible speed. My wish is therefore to offer you a personalized photo shoot in order to capture the first moments of your child’s life, which grows so quickly, so that you can keep intact memories of these wonderful moments.

My assets as a photographer

I am an attentive and caring person: I like to take the time to listen to you, to understand your story and your wishes in order to better identify your expectations regarding the photoshoot. What I love most about my job is being able to capture the simple and precious moments of your life, filled with joy, bonding and love; so you can keep indelible memories. In addition, I am constantly looking for new places, new ideas because it is very important for me to be able to offer you a personalized photo session, which suits you 100%.



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